Alex, Alec, Joel, Josh, Ben

The bass n drums are tight, the congas and wurlitzer really make it groove old school and josh olmstead's guitar solo tears it up midway.  

DaddyWas has a strange life coming up: It's used in a film that stars Keanu Reeves, an independent movie by Eli Roth coming out in 2015.  It's called "Knock Knock" I have not seen it.  It seems racy and it's a "sexual thriller".  I can't vouch for the quality but I can perhaps justify saying this: "I M AN F B I AGENT!"


Matt, Alex, Josh, Ben

Matt Scarano bringing it on the drums, Alex Yaker on the fuzz bass, and Josh Olmstead bringing it all back home with the Chilton-like guitar lead.

Just a little synth line, a loop for an intro and some harmonies in 2 places and it's a wrap.  Guitars are a little messy right at the end.  I have some good Josh but the takes in there don't aline well.